This stage offers opportunity to assemble the Client's needs that could be potential projects...
We believe in complete and concise documentation for all project undertaking...
Implementation takes place after the award of contracts to selected candidates...


MainSolutions specializes in systematic approach to handling construction/fitting out projects making use of reliable software/hardware and an experienced Project Management Team. With less mistake and re-work accompanied with accuracy in research and information, we are able to reduce project life-cycle in its planning and execution phase, thus enable cost saving.

Our organization consists of in-house specialists and external consultants. This is to ensure adequate technical support and quality control while maintaining maximum all-rounded capabilities for multi-disciplinary project, available at flexible engagement term.

Typical projects have a distinct life-cycle. A Construction Project has 5 major phases, viz.: Conception & Initiation, Planning & Feasibility, Definition & Design, Implementation, and Completion & Handover. Our services and expertise span the entire project life cycle and beyond.

Our core service comprises of the following:

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Documentation
  3. Implementation

We pool a large ‘Talent’ network consisting of Consultants, Construction and IT Professionals, Specialists, Agents as well as Artists. Our agency manages and shares these resources, and with our complete administrative back-up, all project undertaking either by our in-house staff or external members are executed with complete dedication and utmost attention. We believe that accumulation of knowledge will enable accurate formulation of plans for implementation. In-house operation personnel are geared with the relevant skill to provide drafting, research and administrative work. Through ensuring full support in staff works, our appointed Projects Consultants are freed to concentrate in Design and advisory works. The agency would then undertake the role to steer the project team in Concurrent Design and Management.

Project Management with complete Multi-Disciplinary Design and Management Team support has often been a luxury affordable only in large project with budgetary allocation. We intend to provide this service that has proven in assuring quality to project big or small.

Our most valued resources would have to be the fact that we have been in the business of providing project documentation services for over 10 years, starting in providing drafting and detailing for the construction industries, to providing full contract documentation services, and eventually to project management and documentation. The philosophy of the firm has always been to learn and benefit from past experiences. We pride ourselves as a firm that yearns and embraces new knowledge.